Kyo no Ikigai



Kyo no Ikigai.

I’ve been toying with the idea for a change to my blog for a while and I couldn’t help but feel that this would be a good place to start anew.

Why the Japanese words? Well, it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for the past year or so after making some decisions in my life about work. Kyo no Ikigai literally translates to ‘my purpose for living for today’. Ever since coming across the phrase 生きがい (Ikigai) on one of those “15 beautiful words from other cultures” type posts online, it really struck a cord with me. Ikigai. My purpose for living. My reason for being. What is it for each of us that propels us forward in life?

I’ve had to think a bit more these past few years about the type of life I want to lead, mainly after starting work and realising that it really does matter, what you do with the majority of your waking hours especially if it’s something that you will have to do for the large part of your adult life. While I’m still grappling with it (and it’s likely a question I will be seeking an answer to for a long time to come), a couple of things have become ingrained in me. For one, I’m seeking a life of meaning. It would appear that a meaningful life is one that can be entirely different from a ‘successful’ life. Success has so many prevailing definitions based on the society you’re in and the time you belong to. On the surface though, it’s possible to lead a successful life on all counts but still be grossly unhappy or unfulfilled when you go to sleep at night. Or worse, lead a ‘successful’ life, and be lulled by the sense of productivity and success to sleep-working your life away. How then, can we decide for ourselves, what it means to be successful and more importantly, what it means to lead a meaningful life?

For now, for today, the thought that continues to germinate inside of me, is that I’m on a journey to discover for myself, how it is I can lead a meaningful life. There are so many influences that I’ve come across this year; ideas and philosophies that have been incredible at opening my eyes to uncover all these ways of being. Every so often, I feel the urge to consolidate bits of it so this is my platform for doing so, in the hopes that it will provide an iota of substance and sustenance to anyone who is thinking about these same things as I am.

So for a start, here’s to today.



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