back for the time being

After quite a bit of a hiatus… feels somewhat strange to be back. 😉 Always nice to be able to go back ‘home’ wherever it may be for the time being. But of course there’s this pang that comes with having had something beautiful come to an end.

This past 2 months have flown by in such a blink of an eye, literally. In a way it was something that I’d been working towards for so many months before that. Or perhaps it could also be considered as something that really kept me going through the dreary winter months. Having a goal to work towards and feel that sense of achievement each small step of the way is really something that propels one forward in life.

The hardest thing about being back this time though, was trying to figure out and keep track of all the things that were still pending as part of my ‘closure’ for this journey taken, whilst being thrust back to day to day life with all its attendant demands. Perhaps it’s to do with getting older 😉 but I feel that the more I travel or experience something I feel is meaningful, the more I want to take time after the experience to jot down notes, crystallise points that meant something to me, chew and rethink certain aspects that piqued my interest that I perhaps didn’t quite understand at the time. If I don’t get to go through this process, I sometimes feel a pang of regret or anxiety almost at the incompleteness of the experience. When I came back the first thing I started thinking about was which day will I have the time to sit down, look through my photos, my travel notes and reflect? (First there was that gigantic mountain of laundry that I had to deal with…that and tidying up the place definitely took a while ^^;)

That said, it’s definitely something that comes with the luxury of time. Most people have to go straight back to work or other responsibilities but for me, I still have the ability now to carve out these precious hours solely for retrospection and reflection. It’s a funny thing trying to be proactive about apportioning time out to think back about the recent past when of course I could be actively engaged in living right now or looking forward. But I have no doubt that looking back at things that I’ve experienced and savouring those lessons is an act that changes me…for the better. The last thing I want to do is to steamroll through life letting things pass me by and not fully grasping the significance of it.


This was taken a beautiful bright April Spring day in Hagi, one of my favourite places in Japan. ^^ There were the prettiest, most cheerful flowers everywhere in so many backyards and along the streets.

To glorious summery days in Berlin ahead.



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